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Clive Gross: Terms and Conditions

The act of downloading or odering any of the imagery, copy or other content of this website is deemed as acceptance of the following terms and conditions as well as the legal notice to be found at the bottom of this page. These terms are subject to alteration and updating at the discretion of Clive Gross Photography and will apply retrospectively.

1) The copyright of all imagery and content contained herein remains the sole and exclusive copyright of Clive Gross Photography unless such rights have been sold or licensed exclusively or non-exclusively in writing by separate agreement.

2) Imagery downloaded from this site will be deemed to have been ordered as per the rates displayed on the current price list, payment of which will be due by return by one of the payment methods accepted. Any such fees not paid within 7 working days of downloading will be considered as overdue and appropriate action will be taken to recover such fees and any additional costs in full.

3) The placing and/or paying of an order via this website, email, letter, fax, telephone or any other remote means will be deemed as a binding contract to purchase the goods described for the stated fees and postage charges and the waiving of all cancellation rights. Any goods lost or damaged in transit will be replaced free of charge subject to the appropriate level of postal or delivery insurance having been taken at the time of ordering. Any corrupt digital files or media will also be replaced free of charge if notified within 48 hours of receipt of any such files electronically or on any digital media subject to the correct handling of any such files or media by the purchaser. Any other refunds or replacements will be made entirely at the discretion of Clive Gross Photography.

4) Clive Gross Photography reserves the right to terminate the use of any imagery downloaded from this site or supplied in either digital or print form by any third party with immediate effect should any such use deemed in any way to be illegal, libelous or defamatory by the copyright owner or being used in such a way to misrepresent the copyright owner. Failure to comply and remove imagery from such a site once notified will be deemed as deliberate breach of copyright and result in legal action.

5) No commission, fees, percentages or other payments of any kind will be made by Clive Gross Photography to any third party person, company or organisation using content downloaded or purchased from this site should any referrals, commissions or other sales of any kind result directly or indirectly from the use of such content by any third party.

6) No third party person, company or organisation may in any way attempt to or imply to act as or pass-off as an agent or representative of Clive Gross Photography unless such an agency or representational arrangement has been agreed in writing in advance.


The use of any of the imagery or content of this site by any third party person, company or organisation is in no way any endorsement of said third party or any goods, services, opinions or beliefs provided or stated by them by Clive Gross Photography. Any attempt to in any way suggest or imply such an endorsement either directly or indirectly may result in legal action being taken against any such third party.

The use of any imagery or content copied or downloaded from this site is strictly forbidden by any person, company or organisation representing, supporting, endorsing or connected with any and all political or religious opinions or beliefs howsoever stated unless full prior written agreement has been received from Clive Gross Photography.

All terms of trade, licencing, sale of goods or any other agreements or contracts are governed by the Laws of England.

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