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Clone Digital Arts have found affordable web design and
consultancy for small and start-up businesses

a presence on the web is a vital part of the marketing strategy of even the smallest and newest business.

a web and e-mail address is now as important and expected as a land or mobile phone number.

a good website gets your messages across to your clients and customers clearly and quickly.

a poor website can confuse, frustrate and deter them.

we believe in simple, straight-forward and no-nonsense web solutions tailored to your needs, market and budget.

we understand small businesses because we are one, and new start-up businesses because we were one too.

we offer consultancy as well as design to ensure that you get the best out of whatever you do on the web and see how it fits in with your other marketing and promotional activities.

we can help you write great copy, source good photography, set-up your web hosting and get you on-line with the minimum of fuss.

if we sound like your kind of web company and you would like to find out more, contact us now.

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